Rava ladoos

  1. Rava ladoos

    1. Cardamom1/2 tsp

    2. Cashew nuts10

    3. Coconut grated 1 cup

    4. Ghee 2 tbsp

    5. milk optional( 1/2 cup)

    6. Raisins

    7. Almonds

    8 Suji / Rava 1 cup

    9. Sugar 1/4 cup


    1. Take a pan add Ghee then add all dry fruits let they change the color bit.

    2. Now add grated coconut fresh then add semolina and sauté them in very low flame till it changes into brown color.

    3. Add Sugar and keep mixing in very low flame for 3 min then switch of the flame and add milk to it keep mixing.

    4. Lastly add Cardamom powder mix well and transfer it to a plate.

    5. Take that ladoo mixture into your hand and make small dumplings .

    6. Enjoy your ladoos.

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