Mysore Pak


Mysore Pak

1. Gram flour – 1.5 cup
2. Sugar – 1.5 cup
3. Desi ghee – 1 cup
4. Refined oil – 1 cup
5. Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

1. Make sugar syrup. For this take sugar in any utensil with heavy base and add ½ cup water. Cook until sugar melts completely.
2. Take out gram flour in any utensil, add half the quantity of oil into it and make a batter.
3. Take ghee in a pan and place it on flame for heating. After ghee melts add rest of the oil as well.
4. Check the syrup, for this take 1 drop of syrup and place it in a bowl. With help of forefinger and thumb stick the syrup it used form one thread, sugar syrup is ready.
5. Add gram flour batter in syrup and stir constantly. Make sure that batter doesn’t stick to the pan. With help of spoon add little amount of hot ghee in pan with gram flour batter. Roast and stir constantly. Keep the flame low-medium only. Keep adding the ghee in batter with help of spoon. Gram flour will start appearing puffy and color will change too. When batter gets puffs, that means mysore pak is ready.
6. Grease the plate for setting the Mysore Pak. With in 5-10 minutes Mysore pak gets frigid. Cut Mysore pak into any shape of your preference and separate out the pieces once Mysore pak gets frigid. Mouth watering Mysore pak is ready.
Store Mysore pak in air tight container and enjoy eating for a month.

  1. Note
    Roast gram flour on low-medium flame. Stir till the bottom of pan making sure gram flour doesn’t stick to the pan.
    Ghee to be added in gram flour should be hot appropriately.
    To make delicious Mysore pak stir the batter constantly and quickly. The moment batter puffs up and there is change in color then pour it in plate and set it.

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