Chatpata Amla Jam/Spicy Gooseberry Spread

Chatpata Amla Jam /Spicy Gooseberry spread

Amla is a great source of vitamin C. You can easily get the nutrition of amla by making jam.

When I was small my mother called this Amla chutney and she made it in bulk so we used it in summer .As in India Amla is available in winters.

Ingredients for Gooseberry Jam

  1. Gooseberry (amla)  500 gms
  2. Sugar  500 gms
  3. Cardamom 1 tsp
  4. Cinnamon powder 1 tsp


  1. Wash the gooseberries twice with water.
  2. Put in pressure cooker and give one whistle.( we can boil them in open pan also as I already told in earlier post Amla Candy and Amla Pickle) 
  3. Strain the water from the gooseberries with the help of strainer. You can use this water  for drinking. Let the gooseberries cool down. Take out the seeds from the gooseberries.
  4. Blend the gooseberries in the mixer along with sugar and make a paste.
  5. Now take a pan. Put the amla paste into it  and cook on a medium flame. Stir the mixture continuously. The colour of the paste will start to change.
  6. Add cardamom and cinnamon powder and put them into the jam.

You can make purée of amla and then mix sugar and cook. But this way it would not be easy to purée amla moisture of sugar helps in grinding.

For spicier version you can add some red chili in it.

After cooling completely store in glass bottle .

For more Amla recipies you can check Amla candy and Amla Pickle












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