Pickle Paratha/Achar Ka Paratha

Pickle Paratha/Achar Ka Paratha

Achar ka Paratha is my favorite since  childhood. When I was pregnant I love to eat achar ka paratha.


  1. Masala from mango pickle
  2. Atta/Wheat Flour
  3. Ghee /oil
  4. Salt


  1. In a wide bowl add wheat flour salt and required water , mix well and knead it form a soft dough .
  2.  Flour the surface and roll the chapatis dough slightly thicker. Then add pickle masala  at the center and gather the dough from all sides .Seal it finely.

Roll it into a flat round and cook from both sides on the griddle / tawa by adding desee  ghee or oil and cook till golden color .

You can mix pickle masala in any stuffing like potato paratha etc.

Serve with butter , Cilantro chutney ,Mango pickle or Amla pickle.

For more parathas recipe  you can check my  Sugar paratha,  Broccoli paratha ,Multi grain chapati.







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