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Sharifa/Seetaphal /Custard Apple Ice cream

Sharifa / Seetaphal Ice cream/Custard Apple 

In India we called custard Apple  as seetaphal or sharifa.

I did ice cream making course after my intermediate.This recipe I  am sharing here is from my diary .One recipe  Kesar pista I already shared .Soon come with the more ice cream recipes.


  1. 1 cup custard apple pulp
  2. 500 ml  milk
  3. 4 tbsp sugar( I used Brown sugar)


  1. Add the custard apple pulp and the sugar.Blend them.
  2. Blend both the ingredients till everything is nicely mixed.Then add milk and mix it again. Check the sugar.If it’s ok or not.
  3. The ice cream mixture is thick . Put them in kulfi moulds.I don’t have moulds  so I put them in glasses like my Kesar pista kulfi .
  4. Place it in the freezer till partially set. For a softer texture, remove from freezer and whip the mixture in your mixer again . Pour into the container and refreeze the ice cream.

Serve the Custard Apple Ice Cream  that is plain.I used almond,Choco chips and tutti fruity.Add dry fruits when you whip the half set ice cream.My kids liked the tutti fruity one most.

Custard Apple shake also very tasty .Just add some more milk and sugar and served chilled.







After an hour I put in mixer again and then add dry fruits.