Kuttu Ki Pakodi/Buckwheat Flour Fritters

Kuttu Ki Pakodi / Buckwheat Fritters

Buckwheat flour is very common in my house during fasting.Generally me and my hubby keep fast but if the fast is on weekends then my kids also fasting.Since early morning, my boys start asking what will you make today for us for fasting.Generally they are waiting for all the delicious dishes made during fasting.😃


  1. Buckwheat flour/Kuttu ka atta 1cup
  2. Potato, chopped 4-5
  3. Green chili chopped
  4. Red chili powder
  5. Salt- to taste
  6. Ghee for deep frying


  1. Chop potato  into  thin pieces.
  2. In a bowl add chopped potatoes,  green chilies, red chili powder ,kuttu atta and salt.
  3. Mix  all together.
  4. Add very less water.
  5. Mix it well, it would be a slightly sticky batter.
  6. Now heat ghee in a deep  pan.
  7. Use your fingers to drop the batter.
  8. Deep fry the fritters on medium heat.
  9. Repeat the process with the remaining batter .

Drain the fried kuttu pakori on a tissue paper and serve hot with coriander chutney.

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Always make  batter for 1-2 batch at a time.Otherwise it will release water.

First try to mix potatoes with flour if you need water then only add .Sometimes no need to add water.

I got 3 plates in this much quantity.










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