Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli / Cashew Barfi

Today is 26th October ,Monday and Sharad Purnima . First time in my memory all three date, day and tithi together.  Actually my birth day is monday and hindi tithi is Sharad purnima and date is 26 so it is amazing  co incident for me 😍. Here is kaju katli for you all .

Sharad Purnima is the only day in the year when the moon comes out with all sixteen kalas .

Traditionally Rice Kheer is prepared and left in moonlight for the night. In the morning which is believed to be invigorated and fortified with the moonlight is consumed and distributed as Prasad in family members.

Some people thread a needle on this full moon night under the rays of the moon to improve eye sight.


  1. Cashew Nuts 1 cup
  2. Powdered Sugar  1/2 cup
  3. Ghee 1 tsp


  1. Soak cashew nuts in warm water for one hour.
  2. Remove water from the cashews and grind them  in a grinder.
  3. Place a pan on fire.and cook the paste of cashews and sugar. After sometime this mixture will become thick. Now turn off the burner.
  4. Mix the cardamom powder in it and let the paste cool for some time.
  5. After the mixture has cooled off, roll it  on a butter paper or on greased tray.
  6. Cut it in your favorite shape.
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Kaju Katli

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