Roasted Cumin Seeds/How To Make Cumin Seeds Powder

Roasted Cumin Seeds / How To Make Cumin Seeds Powder

Cumin seeds is a very common ingredient in our Indian kitchen. We use cumin seeds in almost every curry . It helps in digestion. Roasted cumin seeds can be added in any type of yogurts like lotus seed raita , buttermilk and chaat like these which I already shared Peanut masala, Sweet potato chaat, Roated chana , matar chaat, chickpeas salad, Roasted lotus seeds.

First I thought its a simple and very common recipe but shared with hope that it may be new for some of our friends.


Cumin seeds 100 gm


  1. Heat a pan add cumin seeds , roast in medium flame till dark brown and fragrant.
  2. Allow to cool a bit .Then roll it with a roller pin or can crush in mortar pestle.
  3. If want to make powder grindit  in a blender in a fine powder or a little coarse you want.
  4. Store in an air tight container.
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Roasted Cumin Seeds
Roasted Cumin Seeds

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