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Pitthi Kachori/ Urad dal Kachori

Pitthi Ki Kachori/ Urad Dal Kachori

Pitthi Kachoris are famous in North India especially in Uttarpradesh. I learnt making them from my mom. On every occasion we make these urad dal kachoris. These tastes best with Dum aloo .My mom makes these kachoris by hand , stretching the dough by flipping in hands called Hath se thapkna.But here I am using roller to roll these kachoris.

Ingredients for Dough

  1. 500 gm wheat flour
  2. Salt 1 tsp
  3. Water, to knead dough


  1. 1 cup white urad dal
  2. 1 tsp red chilli powder
  3. 1 tsp fennel powder
  4. 1 tsp coriander powder
  5. Hing a pinch
  6. 1 tsp garam masala
  7. Oil for deep fry


For the dough

Mix flour, Salt and water together to make a soft dough.  Put oil on top of it and Keep it for half an hour .

For the pitthi

  1. Wash and soak white urad dal in water and keep it overnight or soak for 4-6 hours.
  2. Now  coarsely grind the dal with least water and add red chili powder, fennel powder,Hing,coriander powder,garam masala.
  3. Mix well. Pitthi is ready.
  4. Can prepare pitthi one day before also and keep in freeze.
  5. Left over pitthi can be used for making vada .Some pitthi is left so I made vada with it.But add salt in left over pitthi.
  6. My kids likes to eat left over kachoris by heating them on tawa the next day with mango pickle or green chili masala.


  1. Oil hands and knead the dough again
  2. Make a lemon sized ball from the dough.
  3. Flatten it and add a small piece of pitthi in the center.
  4. Now enclose the pitthi around the dough.In the same way stuffed all the balls.
  5. Roll and deep fry. Pitthi Kachori  is ready to eat.

Serve hot with dum aloo,aloo gobi,matar mushroom,palak paneer ,paneer tikka masala, dry arbi, arbi fry, dal makhni

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Batata Vada

Kuttu ki Pakodi

For pitthi






For dough











I served these kachoris with dum aloo, aloo gobi,muli laccha and rice kheer.

Kuttu Ki Pakodi/Buckwheat Flour Fritters

Kuttu Ki Pakodi / Buckwheat Fritters

Buckwheat flour is very common in my house during fasting.Generally me and my hubby keep fast but if the fast is on weekends then my kids also fasting.Since early morning, my boys start asking what will you make today for us for fasting.Generally they are waiting for all the delicious dishes made during fasting.😃


  1. Buckwheat flour/Kuttu ka atta 1cup
  2. Potato, chopped 4-5
  3. Green chili chopped
  4. Red chili powder
  5. Salt- to taste
  6. Ghee for deep frying


  1. Chop potato  into  thin pieces.
  2. In a bowl add chopped potatoes,  green chilies, red chili powder ,kuttu atta and salt.
  3. Mix  all together.
  4. Add very less water.
  5. Mix it well, it would be a slightly sticky batter.
  6. Now heat ghee in a deep  pan.
  7. Use your fingers to drop the batter.
  8. Deep fry the fritters on medium heat.
  9. Repeat the process with the remaining batter .

Drain the fried kuttu pakori on a tissue paper and serve hot with coriander chutney.

Check more fasting recipes.


Always make  batter for 1-2 batch at a time.Otherwise it will release water.

First try to mix potatoes with flour if you need water then only add .Sometimes no need to add water.

I got 3 plates in this much quantity.










Batata Vada

Batata Vada

This is the same batata vada that we use in the vada pav.

This is very popular in Maharashtra.


  1. 4 medium-sized Potatoes

  2. 1 tsp cumin seeds (optional)

  3. 1 chopped green chilly

  4.  1 tsp finely chopped ginger

  5. 1 tsp turmeric powder(optional)

  6. ¼ tsp asafoetida( Hing)

  7. Few chopped coriander leaves (optional)

  8. Oil for frying

  9. Salt

  10. 1 chopped onion

For the batter

  1. gram flour

  2. turmeric powder (optional)

  3. water


  1. Firstly boil the potatoes till cooked thoroughly. Then mash them well. There should be no lumps.

  2. Add all spices to the mashed potatoes.

  3. Add salt.

  4. Mix the potatoes with the spice mixture

with your hands.

  1. Make equal sized medium balls of the potato mixture.

  2. Flatten them a little as it helps to deep fry them easily.Keep aside.


  1. Now take the gram-flour, turmeric powder, add salt to it.

  2. You can also add a pinch of red chilly powder to it.

  3. Dip each potato  ball in the besan batter.

Coat the ball evenly with the gram flour batter.

  1. In a hot oil in a deep fry pan, add the potato balls coated with gram flour paste.

Fry them till golden brown.

  1. Serve hot.

  2. Batata Vadas are served with green chutney or sauce.