Til Atta Barfi


Til Atta Barfi


  1. Sesame seeds – 1 cup
  2. Wheat flour – 1 cup
  3. Sugar – 1 cup
  4. Ghee – 1/2 cup
  5. Almonds – 10-12
  6. Cashews – 10-12
  7. Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp


  1. Preheat pan, add sesame seeds. Stir constantly and cook on medium flame until sesame seeds slightly change in color and get puffy. Take out the seeds in separate bowl.
  2. Add ghee in the wok and place flour into it. Roast on medium flame and keep stirring constantly until it releases good aroma, turns light brown in color and ghee starts separating from it. Take out roasted flour in a separate bowl.
  3. Chop almonds and cashews in small pieces.
  4. Make Sugar Syrup
    Add sugar and 1/2 cup water in a pan. Cook until sugar dissolves in water completely. Take 1-2 drops of sugar syrup in a bowl. It should be  of single thread. Sugar syrup is ready. Reduce the flame and add roasted flour, sesame seeds, chopped almonds, cashews and cardamom powder into it. Mix all ingredients really well.

  5. Drop the mixture in a bowl, if it sets that means mixture is ready. Grease any plate with some ghee and pour the barfi mixture into it. Evenly spread the batter and sprinkle chopped cashews and almonds over the barfi. Press gently with spoon. Keep it aside to set.

  6. Cut the barfi into pieces . Once til aata barfi is cooled completely, store it in any air tight container .

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