Oreo Milkshake with Ice Cream

Oreo Milkshake with Ice Cream


  1. 4 teaspoons chocolate syrup

  2. 8 Oreo cookies

  3. 1 cup milk

  4. 2 cups Vanilla ice cream

  5. 5-6 Dates


  1. Add the chocolate syrup into your glass.

  2. Add the milk to the blender. While you may need to add more, start with just 1 cup. You can always add more later to thin out the milkshake.

  3. Add vanilla ice cream to the blender. This will make the milkshake thick and creamy.

  4. Add oreo biscuits to the blender.

  5. At last add chopped dates.

  6. Mix all things in blender.

  7. Pour the oreo shake into your prepared glasses.

  8. Add chopped dates.


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